# Latest Exchange Rates

Returns the latest exchange rates. The default base currency is USD.

Data update intervals

We update our date with end of day data.

Request Method: GET
Request URL: https://api.freecurrencyapi.com/v1/latest

# Request Parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
apikey string Your API Key
base_currency string The base currency to which all results are behaving relative to
By default all values are based on USD
currencies string A list of comma-separated currency codes which you want to get (EUR,USD,CAD)
By default all available currencies will be shown

# Sample Response

The API response comes as a JSON and consists of a meta and a data key. The meta holds useful information like the last_updated_at datetime to let you know then this dataset was last updated.

The data key holds the actual currency information.

    "data": {
        "AED": 3.67306,
        "AFN": 91.80254,
        "ALL": 108.22904,
        "AMD": 480.41659,
        "...": "150+ more currencies"